Love my library

I really do. They always have the coolest things. See:



Cool, right?

In other news, I’m currently knitting this beautiful behemoth. 480 stitch cast on. Knit in the round & steeked.


It’s my homework for the Eek! Steeks! class I’m taking at Madrona in February. Man I hope I can have it completed in time.

A whole new year

Here’s to us all having beautiful yarns,


fun knits,


wonderful spinning,

BFL- Vampires in Venice

good movies (Okay, amusing movies. Sepegal!!!!!)


And, amazing books!:


A wonderful 2014 to all of us!


Tonight is Christmas Eve. For me, it’s kind of magic. All of the wonder, none of the stress. There is food, wine, maybe a movie or a Doctor Who Special. Some knitting, of course.

Tomorrow there will be worrying. Is the turkey is done, did I make enough mashed potatoes, will it snow and keep mom & dad from coming for dinner?? But for tonight, it’s all warm and lovely and perfect.

Sending all of you wishes of a lovely warm evening surrounded with all the things that you love best and that love you best. :)

Christmas Eve. Magic.

December, it’s like running with scissors, I swear

Can’t catch up so I’m not even going to try. I got all my Christmas knitting done in time so I’m calling this year a win. Okay, fine, I have one toe left to graft on one sock, I’m still calling it done. :) Today I tried to look for some slower things to try and get my equilibrium back.

Like these tiny flowers trying to bloom on the 23rd of December.


And a Christmas tree made of Lego at the local library.


It even had Lego presents under it.


I was at the library to pick up a book that I’ve been on the waitlist for forever.


Now, just a 1/2 day of work left and then it’s 5 days of vacation time with nothing but books, knitting, good food, and cuddling with the husband and the wee dog.

Giftmas is coming,

And all the baking is happening. Cheese straws,


and sausage rolls:


Tomorrow is Scottish shortbread and Nanaimo bars. Nom!

I may have won giftmas this year

Original photo:

Wickaninnish Beach

And then, Simpsonized:

Us as Simpsons

Now being printed on a stretched canvas to have under the wee tree for dear husband. Gonna be so awesome!

Totally worked

My MacGyvering was completely successful:


The Madtosh chunky feels amazing after a good soak too. Minimal dye in the bath as well so I’m calling this a very successful project. :)

My Christmas knitting is almost complete. Just 1/2 of a sock left to go and I am done. Added bonus, those socks don’t need to be mailed. As a reward for being this close to finished I’m allowing myself to cast on a new project. In this pretty shade of blue Malabrigo.


It’s supposed to get quite chilly here this week, -8 to -10. Crazy chilly for here. I think a new soft & fuzzy cowl is just what the doctor ordered.