Summer, with a side of downpour

I love living in Southern British Columbia. For the most part it’s just exactly perfect for me. Not too hot, not violently cold, and any minute…a deluge. This makes me very, very happy. It also tends to make for pretty good veggie gardening.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


There shall now be much eating of vegetables. And, when that doesn’t keep up with the garden, much gifting of vegetables.

In other news, the wondrous puppy Gracie spent the day in the office today.


I’m not sure who I need to talk to so that all offices can have a puppy like Gracie just cruising around but I am researching it!


It is with great sadness that I must report that the recently acquired dog stuffy toy by the name of ‘Beary’ has been mortally wounded.


Update: Beary has gone to the great stuffed toy beyond. He has officially been de-squeakered.


It’s a sad, sad day in the world of stuffed dog toys and a day of great joy in the world of wee terriers.

Spinning, spinning, spinning

The Tour de Fleece is in its last week. I’ve not done as well as I had hoped I would but have still spun more in the last couple weeks than I have in the last 6 months. I’m almost finished with my second 4 oz bump. This one is 100% Wensleydale, a fibre I’ve never spun before.


I was very nervous trying to spin this fibre but now, I rather like it. It wants your hands spread quite wide as it’s a long fibre. But, other than that, it almost spins itself. Lovely stuff.

Saturday Fun

Went to the pet supply store today. ‘Cause you know, supplies. Anyway, there was a sale on dog toys. Buy 2 get 1 free. Excellent timing for our supply run! What to get, what to get. Abbie is, how shall I say it, a violent chewer. She has destroyed many a so called indestructible toy. We settled on these:


All promise to be super duper extra strong. We shall see. Wanna see the happiest dog in the world?


Honestly, that bear should be looking a LOT more frightened.


In other news, the first crystal apple cucumber of the season was harvested today too. Which means we are about to be overwhelmed by them.


Finally, I’d just like to say that I still hate the ‘new’ Flickr. It just sucks. Still. Sigh.


Waiting for the rain

Okay. The forecast says it will only be a tiny bit of rain this weekend but I am still more than ready for a wee break from the whole heat and summer business.

Full on summer.

The garden is pretty happy with all the warmth. Everything is suddenly bursting with life and such.

Full on summer.


Full on summer.

Provided I apply copious amounts of water every second day of course.


How to improve any workday

Have someone bring a puppy to work. Boom. Day is **instantly** better. Meet Gracie:


Gracie is the newest member of my boss’s family. She adopted her from a shelter yesterday. Gracie came from what can be best described as a shitty situation into being the only dog in a family that is going to love her so much it’s scary. It’s like Cinderella for dogs. Most of the day she looked like this:


Slightly blurry due to moving at high rates of speed. But every once in awhile, she’d need a wee rest.


And then any lap in the office would do. So, so sweet. Unfortunately I now have puppy baby rabies super bad. :)

Simply not built for this

Every year I do it. Whinge and whine about the heat when summer gets here. It’s not like a surprise though. I’m already dreading the coming summer in March, so at least I’m consistent and predictable. Honestly, I’m German and English. I don’t know how I could be less built for 34 degree temperatures. Oh, and I’m a bit fluffy, so that doesn’t help either. :)

In other less whiny news! I spent Sunday with friends. The early half of the day squealing/screaming/moaning/clenching my eyes closed watching the World Cup Final. Go Germany!

It was a nail biter of a game. Also, I felt rather bad for the Argentinian team stuck on the pitch for so long after the end of the game. They were obviously in agony, let them go to the locker room and stop watching Germany be all winny-winny.

In Tour de Fleece news, I finished my 3-ply “sock” yarn. Yeah, definitely not sock yarn. Waaaayyyyy too heavy. Perhaps I’ll knit some mitts with it for the winter. It’s lovely, but just not what I was hoping for. :( Sad panda face.

Finally finished my 3ply!   135 yd/123 mts. Very disappointed re: the yardage. No socks here, mitts I reckon.

After that was all plied up I started spinning a bump of Wensleydale that I had promised to a friend a few months ago.

Wensleydale. Spinning in the heat.

It’s lovely and shiny but rather scratchy. I’m thinking more household goods than wearable items when this bad boy is knit up. A stunning cushion cover for a sofa perhaps? This is my first crack at Wensleydale and it’s really quite nice to spin. Once you get your hands far enough apart.