Summer. It just keeps happening really.

I keep dreaming of autumn. Cool days, and nights almost sneaking into frost. Sigh.

But, in real life, it’s hot and humid and not autumn at all. But, I keep dreaming and wishing and hoping. To that end, I’ve been working on some Christmas hamper knitting. I’ve finished three hats so far and have a fourth cast on.




In other dreaming of autumn news, husband and I tried our hand at sausage making again.

Pork/chicken - spicy maple.

Spicy maple apple pork sausages. We had a couple blow-outs and just **had** to cook them up. So, so good.

Pork/chicken - spicy maple.

Not much else going on really. Just a lot of watering the garden to keep ahead of the head and picking beans and zucchini. So, so many zucchini.

Night Market Shenanigans

A bunch of us went out to Richmond to the Night Market last night. So much fun! And some weird food, not going to lie to you. Me? I’m all in for a rotato:

Camera Roll-24

But not so much for the Octopus balls. Each wee deep fried ball? Has an octopus in it. Nope, nope, nope:

Camera Roll-26

Other Night Market things that I can get behind?

Camera Roll-27

Camera Roll-28

Swords! 2 for 1!

Camera Roll-31

Silly stickers. Many, many silly stickers.

Camera Roll-30

And, dessert. Mmmmmmm,

Camera Roll-36

Oh, and ducks. Many, many ducks. :)

Camera Roll-23

Camera Roll-38


Further proof of summer

So much fresh veg, it’s getting a bit ridiculous really.

Camera Roll-13

Sometimes, when it’s very, very hot, the margarita fairy shows up.


And, like the good heathens we are, we drink them in martini glasses. ‘Cause, classy.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let’s talk about Christmas, shall we? I have grand knitting plans for this Christmas. A few gifts to be knit but mostly I’m looking at making a fair number of hats and mitts for Christmas hampers that a friend is putting together. To that end, I present you a fair amount of Berocco Vintage Chunky:


In other much more summer news, the black berries are all coming ready:


And we’re currently drowning in zucchini and cucumbers:


Which is not really a terrible problem to have. :)

One more step towards homesteading

We made sausages on the weekend. Home made sausage. Pork, apple, rosemary, leeks, apple cider reduction, and lemon zest.

First sausage making

First sausage making

I’d like to state that the things you stuff the sausage meat into (intestines) are pretty much the worst balloon animals ever.

First sausage making

Then you have to feed a fair number of feet of casings (intestines) onto the sausage horn. A number of jokes were made about 4 foot condoms and such. Not proud but they were quite funny.

First sausage making

First sausage making


First sausage making

Then, later, we we cooked them up and ate them with some haluski. It was stupid good.

Our first sausages

Next, we’re going to make smoked kielbassa. Mmmmmmmm


Summer, with a side of downpour

I love living in Southern British Columbia. For the most part it’s just exactly perfect for me. Not too hot, not violently cold, and any minute…a deluge. This makes me very, very happy. It also tends to make for pretty good veggie gardening.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


There shall now be much eating of vegetables. And, when that doesn’t keep up with the garden, much gifting of vegetables.

In other news, the wondrous puppy Gracie spent the day in the office today.


I’m not sure who I need to talk to so that all offices can have a puppy like Gracie just cruising around but I am researching it!


It is with great sadness that I must report that the recently acquired dog stuffy toy by the name of ‘Beary’ has been mortally wounded.


Update: Beary has gone to the great stuffed toy beyond. He has officially been de-squeakered.


It’s a sad, sad day in the world of stuffed dog toys and a day of great joy in the world of wee terriers.