Sunday, already?

I just do not understand how the week can feel a year long and the weekend only seems about 10 minutes long?  So not fair!  Anyway, finished my first paper of the semester and subbed it.  The Homeric Hymn of Demeter as an Allegory for the Cycle of the Seasons.  Really?  Allegory?  Anyway, not the type of course I’m used to so that’s probably a good thing.  Spreading one’s wings and all that.

I also went knitting with the girls today.   I wanted to pick up one more skein of Classy to make sure I had enough for Em’s cardigan.  I’ve decided to give it a hood so that’s at least a half an extra skein.  I took skytrain and came across this sign:

Well, that’s got to inspire some confidence in your personal safety, right?  Snort.  I’m going to keep my valuables in my sock!

The best part about a new week is that one of my co-workers will be coming back from three weeks holiday.  She got married and then went to Jamaica.  Sweet!  I really hope she had a good time, ’cause when she gets back she’s going to find out that our other co-worker went on an indefinite leave two weeks ago due to childcare issues.  I’m just so happy she’ll be back and I won’t be on my own anymore!  Huzzah!

Okay, it’s Sunday night and I’m going to do some reading and some knitting.   I want to finish the first Sookie Stackhouse book tonight so I can take it back to the library tomorrow.  There are 15 people behind me waiting for it.  Then I’ll pick up this book.  Oh yeah!

One response to “Sunday, already?

  1. Taking a classics course?

    We’ve got signs like that up on campus.

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