It feels like Monday…but it’s Tuesday…but in actuality it’s really like Wednesday/Thursday. Sweet

Longest blog title of my life, oh yeah!  Anyway, it was my first day back to work after a four-day weekend, so it was like a Monday…but on a Tuesday.  Plus, I get 1/2 day off on Thursday and all day off on Friday…so it’s kind of really like a Wednesday/Thursday. I could absolutely get used to a 2.5 day work week.

Okay, I’m assuming we all came out of the holidays mostly intact.  Personally, I’m a LOT more of me than when I went into the holidays.  Oy.  The food, it just doesn’t stop.  Butter tarts are the devil’s candy temptress.

I have been knitting and actually getting some things completed.  Hey look, a pretty cowl:

Super fantastic, smooshy, and easy.  Two balls of Noro Vintage (which is really quite heavenly, especially after an Euculan soak) and this lovely little pattern.  Brilliant I tell you.  You could easily create one of these in a day, or two evenings of mindless Christmas tv watching.  Granted, Christmas tv is no officially over, but you could slip Elf or Scrooged into the DVD player and knit one now for a gift for next year.  ;)  Go on, you CAN be ahead of your Christmas knitting, just this once.

In other, more wonderful news, I’ve been gifted a Noro Silk Garden chunky scarf from the lovely and inimitable Yarnpiggy.  She was such a good sport that she agreed to try the Noro and make sure she wasn’t missing out on something amazing.  She created a gorgeous scarf, but alas, she was not bitten by the Noro bug.  She did, however, almost need a tetanus shot when encountering a Noro thorn.

You’re so sweet girl, I’m just so honoured that you gifted me with this beautiful thing.  Especially after I pretty much browbeat you into knitting it.  ;)  It’s beautiful and I’m going to treasure it.  After all, it is a truly rare thing in this world, a Noro scarf knit by a yarnpiggy.  That’s not going to happen again soon.  When I actually arrive home before dark, hopefully later this week,  I shall take some ‘in action’ (as opposed to inaction) shots with said scarf in the yard.

Final note, I’m almost finished book two of the Canada Reads books, The Jade Peony.  I’m not quite sure how I’m feeling about it yet.  I’m still being all swooning and in love with the first book, Good to a Fault.  I’ve spent the last 20+ years thinking I had read the perfect Canadian book after reading Guy Vanderhaegue’s, Man Descending, in particular, The Painted Door.  Gorgeous story.  Time to re-read Man Descending and see if it still stands up.

3 responses to “It feels like Monday…but it’s Tuesday…but in actuality it’s really like Wednesday/Thursday. Sweet

  1. Love the cowl. I’ve finished Good to a Fault and loved it too. Sad I’ll miss out on the discussion. I will be in… erm I think Bath or Bristol on the 9th…. and 8 hours ahead. haha. I’m about a third through Jade Peony and I’m not yet sold on it. Now I want to read Man Descending.

  2. very pretty, need to knit something similar for myself & since no one bought me any yarny goodness this year I’m heading to needles & pins to remedy the situation

  3. Noro is pretty, but would it really be so much trouble for them to brush the grass out of it before they sell it? Especially considering how expensive it is.

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