Why as a knitter you may need an engineering degree

Say you knit a longish, roundish, cabley thing. It’s a perfectly nice thing.


But, we all know, blocking makes knitting better. Cables can’t get enough of the stuff. Hmmm, how to block a longish/roundish object. Not a lot of items in the household that will be long enough (see longish) or large enough around (see roundish) without being too big. You know what’s just about right? A paint can. Actually, two paint cans, one atop the other.


Excellent. Hmmm, but there’s those nubbly handley bits. Okay, add two smooth plastic place mats and a tonne of elastics collected over the years from broccoli.


Magic! Tall enough and round enough. Let’s cover it in a bin liner to be very clean and such. Just in case.


Excellent. This is so coming together! Okay, slip the longish, roundish, cableyish knitting over it and…uh oh. Too slippery. Ixnay on the bin liner. Add a few clothes pins. Voila!


MacGyver’ed the heck out of that bad boy! Oh, and the longish, roundish, cableyish object is a City Creek Cowl in Madtosh Chunky in Tart. I love that red.

2 responses to “Why as a knitter you may need an engineering degree

  1. Bravo! A++ :) Cowl is amazing, too!

  2. Fabulous, both the longish roundish thing and the *blocking mats*. I may need to make one (or more — great gift!) of these.

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